Pope Francis questioned efforts to stop the war in Ukraine: “Has everything possible been done?”

Pope Francis (Divisione Produzione Fotografica/Vatican Media/Handout via REUTERS/File) (VATICAN MEDIA/)

He Pope Francisco He recalled this Friday the anniversary of the start of the war in Ukraine after the invasion of Russia and wondered: “Has everything possible been done to stop the war?”, in a message on his Twitter account.

“A year ago the absurd war against Ukraine began. Let’s stay close to the martyred Ukrainian people who continue to suffer and ask ourselves: Has everything been done to stop the war? Peace built on ruins will never be a true victory”, wrote the Pope in the various languages ​​of his Twitter accounts that add up to 54 million followers.

This Wednesday during the general audience, the Pope had called for a ceasefire in Ukraine and for peace negotiations to begin.

“I appeal to all those who have authority over nations to get involved in ending the conflict, engage in a Stop the fire and they start peace negotiations”, said the pontiff at the end of the general audience held in the Vatican.

“The balance of dead and wounded, displaced persons, destruction, economic and social damage speaks for itself. Will the Lord be able to forgive so many crimes and such violence? ”, he inquired, before showing his “closeness to the martyred Ukrainian people, who continue to suffer”.

Pope Francis tweet war
Pope Francis’ tweet

The Vatican has tried on several occasions to mediate that has been rejected by Russia and in the press conference on his return from his trip to Africa, the Pope reiterated his offer to meet both with the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenskyas with the Russian, Vladimir Putinand explained that he will not go to kyiv because at the moment he cannot go to Moscow.

The illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine marks one year this Friday, in which the former Soviet republic put up fierce resistance to Russian troops and, with Western backing, inflicted unexpected setbacks on Putin’s forces.

The Russians entered the Ukraine on February 24, 2022starting the worst conflict on European soil since the end of World War II.

Twelve months later, numerous Ukrainian cities were left in ruins, a part of the country lives under Russian occupation and the death and wounded balance on each side exceeds 150,000according to Western estimates.

During this Friday, ceremonies will be held in cities symbolic of the suffering of war, such as buchaon the outskirts of kyivtheater of a massacre of civilians imputed to the Russian forces.

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