“Popochela”, michelada prepared with ash from the Popocatépetl volcano

The active activity of the Popocatépetl volcano has caused considerable ash precipitation in the cities near the crater. Given this, the inhabitants of Cholula, Puebla, have shown their ingenuity by creating an original “michelada” with this natural resource.

Through a video shared on the social platform TikTok by the user @balneariopuertoescondido, you can see how the frosty drink with chamoy is made, although instead of using miguelito, they use a gray powder that is supposedly volcanic ash.

“And how are the micheladas in Puebla?”, can be read in the description of the video.

As expected, the video of the “Don Goyo” michelada with ash quickly attracted the attention of Internet users.

Despite the fact that the situation with the volcano generates stress and concern, they managed to take the recording with humor and launched various comments applauding the inventiveness of the Mexicans in the face of any adversity.

“My mouth is washed out”, “Volcanic Micheladas”, “Volcanic Micheladas before the final event”, “The chelacatépetl does not exist; la chelacatépetl”, “Popocacheve”, are some of the comments that users have left in the publication.