Prepare Delicious Morelian Enchiladas

Carrot, chicken and jerky accompanied with sour cream, cabbage and onion

Try this delicious recipe for Morelian enchiladas! They are prepared with guajillo chili, filled with cheese and served with potatoes, carrots, cooked chicken, jerky or asadero cheese.


enough of Water, for the potato and carrot
1 teaspoon of salt, for the potato and carrot
2 potatoes, peeled, in large cubes
3 carrots, in half moons
15 guajillo chilies, without tail, for the sauce
enough of Water, hot, for the sauce
1/4 onions, for the sauce
2 garlic cloves, peeled
1 teaspoon of oregano, for the sauce
to taste of salt, for the sauce
1 Cup of aged cheese, crumbled, for the filling
1/4 cups of onion, finely chopped, for the filling
enough of vegetable oil
6 pieces of chicken, cooked, can be leg, thigh or breast
16 corn tortillas
to taste of lettuce
to taste of sour cream, to accompany
to taste of cabbage, finely chopped
to taste of old cheese, crumbled, to accompany
to taste of onion, to accompany


Cook the potato and carrot for 10 minutes or until soft in a saucepan with plenty of hot salted water. Drain and reserve until use.

For the sauce: Hydrate the guajillo chili in hot water for 3 minutes. Once smooth, blend with the chili water, onion, garlic, oregano and enough salt until you get a semi-liquid sauce. Reserve until use.

For the filling: Mix the aged cheese with the onion in a bowl. Reservation.

Brown the cooked chicken pieces in a saucepan with enough hot vegetable oil and season with a little salt. Once the chicken has the desired browning, remove from heat and reserve. Keep warm until use.

Use the same oil to brown the cooked potatoes and carrots and then add a little of the guajillo sauce to add color to the vegetables. If necessary, season with a little salt. Remove from heat once the vegetables have cooked.

Bathe the cold tortillas in the guajillo sauce, brown on both sides using the previous oil. Fill with the aged cheese and reserve.

Place 3 lettuce leaves on a plate and serve the cheese stuffed enchiladas on top of them. Accompany with the chopped cabbage, cheese and onion, then serve a piece of chicken per serving and the cooked vegetables.