Presentation of gastronomic book of the Media region is ready

  • The authors will give an account of the haute cuisine that characterizes the area

In support of the preservation of traditions and expressions of traditional cuisine, next Wednesday, May 24, the State Historical Archive “Lic. Antonio Rocha”, will host the presentation of the book: “Between sugarcane and orange blossoms, the flavors of the Media zone”, by its authors Inocencio Noyola and Gerardo Vela.

Yolanda Camacho Zapata, head of the agency, announced that the book documents one of the regions with the greatest gastronomic wealth and the authors recount the flavors and aromas that identify the Middle Zone from pre-Hispanic times to the 21st century and accounts for haute cuisine and its transmutation as a cultural asset of our identity, as potosinas and potosinas

He explained that Inocencio Noyola, of Cardenense origin, served as a research advisor to the State Historical Archive, in addition to doing his thesis on the Franciscan missions of Rioverde in the Pame region, in addition to gathering studies for a Bachelor’s Degree in History from the National School of Anthropology and History of Iztapalapa; Master’s Degree in Regional Studies from the Mora Institute; and director of the House of Legal Culture of San Luis Potosí.

For his part, Gerardo Vela has a degree in History from the UASLP and is a Master in Historical Research from the University of Guanajuato; winner of the November 20 Award; independent teacher and researcher; cultural promoter; specialist in Social and Cultural History of alcohol; Founding member of the collective “El cariño de un tlacuache” and author of the book: “The pulquera culture in San Luis Potosí, between splendor and sunset, 1877-1925”.