Presentation of the Santa Fe Klan announced at the Enchilada Fair

  • La Fenae, will be a party of great attraction at the national level, announced the Governor Ricardo Gallardo

just as they have requested thousands of young people from San Luis Potosí on social networks and personally to Governor of San Luis Potosí, Ricardo Gallardo Cardonahehe 2023 edition of the National Enchilada Fair (Fenae), will be attended by one of the artists of the urban genre of the moment, Santa Fe Klan.

Soledad by Graciano Sánchez will tell with an event of great quality and consistent to its level of growth through of the National Enchilada Fair (Phenae) 2023, that will take place from 16 to 24 April, affirmed the State President, who said that this will be A big party in which your administration will be proud to display to the Potosinos of the entire state and the entire country.

We are betting on converting the Fenae 2023 in an event that wins national renown, Well, we must give it to Soledad a party for her peoplee that deserves good artists and of course promote all its commercial, cultural, and craft wealth without forgetting of course its gastronomy through their enchiladas that represent the traditional dish of its people”, expressed Ricardo Gallardo.

The Head of the State Executive recalled In addition, within the artistic billboard there will be with the presentation of the Blue Angels and of the composer and regional mexican music producer Eden Munozalong with other artists who will decorate the party of the Soledenses and also of the potosinos.

Finally, the Governor of San Luis Potosí, said that the National Enchilada Fair 2023 It will be an unforgettable event that will count with a wide variety of attractions for all ages like are the mechanical games, popular dances, concerts and presentations by renowned artists, rodeos and children’s shows, among other activities.