Presenter and actress Alejandra Espinoza suffers a serious accident

The 35-year-old was the winner of “Nuestra Belleza Latina” in 2007.

The Mexican TV presenter, Alejandra Espinoza, worried some of her fans after she suffered a serious accident, because the also actress, in addition to ending up with a part of her bloody face, assures that she also broke a tooth.

The news was given by the winner of “Nuestra Belleza Latina” (2007), who published the shocking images through stories on Instagram.

It all started when the famous woman posted a photo with a black background: “If I tell you what happened to me, you won’t believe it, but here’s a photo”, later the ex-model uploaded the snapshot where the liquid can be seen red in the mouth and nose.

After this, speculation began to arise about what led her to have the incident, although the 35-year-old woman did not give details, the Charmonic 3 Instagram account explained that Espinoza was apparently playing soccer with her son Matteo.

“She was running, when she turned to face her, she did not notice that there was a post and when she turned she ran into it, it was like a comedy movie, it reads.

In the post it was also added that due to the tremendous impact, he fainted.

Given this, his followers began to send messages of support through the publication of @chamonic3.

“Poor thing, what a pain”, “Ouch, it hurt even me that she recovers soon”, “Perks of the job of a good mom”, were some of the comments, even other of her fans shared similar experiences.

“Oh poor thing, so ugly it hurts! A similar thing happened to me in high school,” said user monymonymonyy.
So far, the celebrity has not confirmed or denied the version.