Presidents and former leaders of Ibero-America announced the formation of the Libertad y Democracia Group

William Lasso -President of Ecuador-, Mario Abdo -the president of Paraguay-, Mauricio Macri -former president of Argentina-, Felipe Calderon -former president of Mexico-, vincent fox -former president of Mexico-, ivan duke -former president of Colombia-, Andres Pastrana -former president of Colombia-, sebastian pinera -former president of Chile-, Jorge Quiroga -former president of Bolivia-, Mariano Rajoy -former president of Spain- and Jose Maria Aznar -former president of Spain- founded a new international political coalition: the “Freedom and Democracy Group”.

The official presentation of the group takes place this Friday at the Casona de Las Condes of the Andrés Bello University, in Chile, and is attended by former presidents Pastrana, Quiroga and Piñera. The other leaders would participate virtually, according to the organization of the meeting, which is broadcast on YouTube.

In a statement released on Wednesday, the Libertad y Democracia Group remarked that, among its objectives, it seeks “To have a space for reflection, coordination, dialogue and action to strengthen freedom and democracy in Latin America”.

“The undersigned Ibero-American heads and former heads of State and Government declare our conviction that the full validity of freedom, democracy, justice and progress require the protection and unrestricted respect of human rightsa solid Rule of Law, an effective separation of State Powers, free and fair elections, freedom of expression and information, probity and transparency, and protection of the environment and nature,” the group’s official statement said.

And he added: “To advance these objectives, this Group will propose to the Ibero-American governments and their civil societies, initiatives that allow progress in these priorities, including studies, meetings, seminars, publications, dialogues, promotion, facilitation and democratic mediation.”


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