Presidents and world leaders congratulated Milei for the electoral victory in Argentina

Argentines elected the libertarian leader this Sunday Javier Milei as the next president and minutes after the results were known, congratulations began to arrive from presidents and world leaders.

  Javier Milei, the elected president of Argentina
Javier Milei, the elected president of Argentina (Europa Press/Contact/Daniel Bus/)

“The Argentines have chosen @JMilei as its new president in a democratic process. The Government of Ecuador congratulates the elected President and wishes him the greatest success, so that he can solve the pressing problems of his country and make the most appropriate decisions that improve the quality of life of Argentines,” wrote the Ecuadorian president. Guillermo Lasso. And he added: “In good time for the democracies of Latin America.”

Lasso Tweet

Venezuelan opposition leader Hernique Capriles He was forceful and celebrated the libertarian’s triumph with a brief tweet in which he only wrote “beating.”

Capriles tweet capture

“Congratulations dear @JMilei for your great victory in the Argentine presidential elections. Today a path of future and hope opens for Argentines and all of Latin America that we celebrate in Spain with special joy,” he wrote Santiago Abascal, the head of Spanish Vox. And he added: “Long live Spain, long live Argentina, live free of socialism and sovereign!”

Abascal tweet capture

For his part, the Brazilian president Lula da Silva, who had publicly supported Sergio Massa, took to Twitter to congratulate the Argentine people. Less festive, Lula wrote: “I wish luck and success to the new Government. Argentina is a great country and deserves all our respect. Brazil will always be available to work alongside our Argentine brothers and sisters.”

“Democracy is the voice of the people and must always be respected. “My congratulations to the Argentine institutions for conducting the electoral process and to the Argentine people who participated in the election day in an orderly and peaceful manner,” he added.

Lula tweet elections 2023

The senator Flavio Bolsonaro, son of the former president and furious Milei activist, also took to social networks to celebrate the libertarian’s triumph. “Congratulations, MIlei. May God illuminate your path to the presidency. The Casa Rosada will bring enormous challenges, but I am sure that you will do the best for Argentina,” he wrote. And he added: “Little by little we are defeating the left and communism in Latin America. May Argentina be an example and only the first of many changes for the better on our continent. “Milei is a decisive step towards the freedom of Latin America!”

Flavio Bolsonaro tweet

The Colombian president, Gustavo Petro, was not as cordial as Lula. “He has won the extreme right in Argentina; It is the decision of his society. Sad for Latin America and we will see… neoliberalism no longer has a proposal for society, it cannot respond to the current problems of humanity,” she wrote.

Gustavo Petro spoke about Javier Milei's victory in Argentina
With this message in his X profile, President Gustavo Petro reacted to the triumph of Javier Milei, who was elected as the new president of Argentina – credit @petrogustavo/X

The Colombian president chose to leave his message responding to another, that of his predecessor, Ivan Duque, who did congratulate the libertarian. “I want to extend my congratulations to @JMilei who today becomes the new president of Argentina. “Today Democracy triumphed and populism, demagoguery and the Puebla Group were defeated,” Duque wrote.