Priest throws Dr. Simi to Daniela Romo and she reacts VERY differently than Rubén Albarrán

Dr Simi stuffed animals at concerts are already common. From Lady Gaga to Rosalía, the trend of throwing dolls at singers while they’re on stage has gone viral.

It has also been notable that the response is variable: some make him “sing” a duet, others hug him and cuddle him and others, like Rubén Albarrán at his concert in Belgium, decapitate him and destroy him with a viciousness that deserves better causes.

But unlike Albarrán and just one day after her outburst, Daniela Romo received a Dr. Simi during her concert at the National Auditorium, with which she marked her return to the stage.

A video of that concert shows not only the exact moment the stuffed animal is thrown at him, but also the person who does it.

The priest José de Jesús Aguilar is the one who looks impatient, among the public in the first rows of the Auditorium, with a Dr. Simi in hand.

The father jumps a little before throwing the stuffed animal at Daniela Romo, who was singing “Adelante corazón” at the time, one of her most successful romantic ballads.

Romo offered an anthology of his 55-year career, with songs such as I do not ask for the Moon, Fall in love with me and Jealousy, at the Coloso de Reforma in which he had not appeared since 2014.

The priest José de Jesús Aguilar posted a video on Twitter of the moment he launched his Dr. Simi. Along with the video, he wrote this message:

“They told me that this is now used to thank talent at concerts and I threw one at the dear and talented Daniela Romo for the invitation to her wonderful concert.”

José de Jesús Aguilar is a popular and media priest who is known for being in charge of the masses that organize the productions of soap operas to bless the recordings.

Also, in addition, Aguilar has made some appearances as an actor in unit programs and teledramas.