Pro-Kurdish parties won more than 60 congressional seats in Turkey’s elections

Supporters of the Green Left Party, in Diyarbakir (Reuters) (SERTAC KAYAR /)

The pro kurdish alliance He won 66 seats in Sunday’s elections in Turkey, a setback compared to previous votes, and with a negative perspective for his interests in the second round scenario.

According to preliminary results, the seats (mostly from the Green Left Party) were achieved mostly in the predominantly Kurdish provinces of the southeast, but fell far behind the 321 for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s AKP and 213 for the opposition.

The figure marks a decrease with respect to the seats obtained by the Peoples Democratic Party (HDP), the third political force in the country. In June 2015, that formation had won 80 seats with 13% of the vote. Five months later, he got 10% of the vote. And in June 2018, he was left with 67 seats after adding 11.7% of the votes.

He ballotage that will dispute Erdogan and the opponent Kemal Kiliçdaroglu in two weeks he left the patient in an expectant position nationalist Sinan Oganwho received 5% of the votes, so it is expected that he will define who he will support.

(Reuters) (HANNAH MCKAY/)

Before this panorama, He already put a price on his support. Just hours after the vote, he warned Kiliçdaroglu, who had been endorsed by the country’s pro-Kurdish party, not to make any concessions.

According to him, he will recommend to his followers that they vote for the candidate that guarantees the illegalization of the HDP, the leftist party that defends the rights of the Kurdish minority. In an interview yesterday, Ogan He assured that he will only support the opposition candidate “if the HDP is excluded from the political system.”

The Turkish government considers it the political arm of the PKK, the Kurdish guerrilla group considered a terrorist by the European Union. For Kiliçdaroglu, it is difficult to distance herself from the HDP, as she needs to maintain the support she has given him so far. Without the HDP’s 4.7 million votes, Kiliçdaroglu will have no chance of winning in the second round.

(With information from AP and EFE)

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