Protests continue in China: students demonstrated against the confinement of a university campus

Chinese students conducted a protest against a confinement by coronavirus at a university in the east of the country while the authorities take small steps to relax their strict strategy against COVID in fear of greater mobilizations.

Millions of people in China are still subject to covid restrictions, although some cities are beginning to move away from mass testing and movement restrictions after a series of nationwide protests last week.

Analysts from the Japanese company Nomura calculated on Monday that Some 53 cities, with around a third of China‘s population, still have restrictions in place.

Despite the fact that the Chinese security forces acted to mitigate the protests, videos published on Tuesday on social networks and geolocated by AFP showed a crowd of students gathered in the Nanjing University of Technology Monday night.

In the pictures, young people demand to be able to leave campus. “The power is given to you by the students, not by you,” one person yells in the video.

The protest in Nanjing, in the province of Jiangsu (SOCIAL MEDIA /)

A third-year student who requested anonymity confirmed that the protest took place after the university announced it would close campus for five days after detecting a case of covid. The young woman told AFP that her classmates were unhappy about the poor communication from the university and feared they would be blocked on campus during the winter break.

In the pictures, the crowd argues with representatives of the university and calls for the resignation of the directors of the center.

If they touch us they will become the second Foxconn”, shouts a protester, referring to the violent demonstrations last month in central China against a factory of the Taiwanese technology giant that supplies Apple.

Other videos show a police car arriving at the scene and university officials promising students that they would collect their complaints in a file.

Protests in Nanjing intensified since the death of 10 people in a confined building fire in Urumqi
Protests in Nanjing intensified since the death of 10 people in a fire in a confined building in Urumqi (OBTAINED BY REUTERS /)

The Nanjing protest comes days after crowds took to the streets of multiple Chinese cities demanding an end to the zero covid policy. Some even called for the resignation of President Xi Jinping.

The authorities have put down subsequent protest attempts but appear to be responding to some of the demands with an easing of restrictions.

On Tuesday, the Beijing authorities indicated that office and commercial buildings, including supermarkets, will no longer ask their visitors to demonstrate a negative covid test.

Other cities like Shanghai have taken similar initiatives in recent days.

(With information from AFP)

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