Protests in France, increasingly violent: riots with the police and burned containers

the streets of France again they were filled with protesters who came out to express their discontent after the approval of the project of the Executive of pension reform. Important cities like Marseilles, Brest, Toulon, montpellier and even the capital Paristhey had a great call for a mix between citizens, union workers and left leaderswhich evoked the 2018 Yellow Vest revolt.

Unlike the protests on Wednesday, which seemed to be losing strength and congregated fewer and fewer people, those of recent days -after the controversial decision of the Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne to use article 49.3 for approval – have become more violent and aggressive.

This Saturday they registered unrest between the demonstrators and the police, who had to proceed to repress the demonstrators with tear gas and ended with at least two detainees.

Also, hours before, the authorities had decided prohibit gatherings in the Plaza de la Concordia and in the surroundings Elysian Fieldsin front of the Parliament in the Parisian capital, due to the incidents registered in the previous days.

That is why the demonstrators changed their march in the direction of the italy square.

However, the decision of the Prefecture was unsuccessful since, likewise, the day led to container burning and barricade raising.

In the midst of this growing climate of political and social tension, the Executive will have to wait -now- for the definition of the two motions of no confidence presented by deputies from opposition forces, whose debates will begin on Monday.

One was presented by the independent parliamentary group LIOT while, the other, by the far-right party National Association of the former candidate Marine LePenas it had advanced before the approval.

The first could collect the maximum number of supports but, even so, it would remain 30 votes out of the 287 necessary for it to prosper.

From Monday two motions of no confidence will be debated (REUTERS) (PASCAL ROSSIGNOL /)

While approval of any of them is unlikely, if given it would force the Prime Minister to submit her resignation and the presidential decree on pension reform would be without effect.

For the beginning of this week are planned, again, measures of force by the main French unions that have paralyzed the country for weeks.

One of the strikes that is making itself felt the most is that of the workers who provide the garbage collection Therefore, before the cessation of activities, thousands of tons of garbage were piled up in the streets of Paris. The bad smell and the proliferation of rats generated great discontent among the inhabitants, who targeted the mayor for refusing to hire a private collection service.

Tons of garbage are piled up in the streets of France (EFE) (TERESA SUAREZ /)

In this sense, the City Police Prefecture responded by broadcasting a video in which they show the garbage collection by government imposition.

“Impositions implemented by the Prefect of Police: the collection and treatment of garbage continue,” they assured while users on the networks showed how the protesters applauded along with the trucks that circulated through the streets and took away the waste.

Also, the largest oil refinery de France, located in Normandy, began to paralyze its facilities on Friday night and others could join the initiative in the coming days. This could cause supply problems throughout the country.

(With information from AFP, EFE and Europa Press)

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