PSG denied the departure of Pochettino, but in France they are already analyzing the “Zidane method” to win the Champions League

Mauricio Pochettino maintains himself as coach of Paris Saint Germain but Zinedine Zidane appears as an option (Photo: Getty Images) (Getty Images /)

These are hectic days for the dressing room of the Paris saint germain, a team that seeks to bring out its potential with Mauricio Pochettino in office but where in turn there are rumors that indicate that the future of the Argentine DT is far from the Princes Park and they place Zinedine zinedine as the main candidate to replace him to achieve the goal of winning the UEFA champions league.

In principle, the sports director of PSG, Leonardo Nascimento de Araujo, admitted this Friday that Pochettino “never” he has asked them to leave their position (there is talk of a possible offer from Manchester United) and also made it clear that they have not contacted Zidane.

“We don’t want him to go away. He has never asked to leave and no club has contacted us in relation to him “, he claimed Leonardo in statements to the agency AFP. In addition, he stressed that there had been no “No encounter” with the former technician of the Real Madrid despite reports that there has already been a meeting between the two parties.

From the PSG they affirm that Mauricio Pochettino will continue in office (Photo: REUTERS)
From the PSG they affirm that Mauricio Pochettino will continue in office (Photo: REUTERS) (CRAIG BROUGH /)

Own Mauricio Pochettino ruled out the possibility of emigrating to England or leaving his post after PSG’s defeat to Manchester City on matchday five of the group stage of the UEFA champions league. But in the last hours the information emerged from France that Zidane had met with Leonardo and Jean-Claude Blanc, general manager of the Parisian club.

In addition to reporting on this meeting, the newspaper Le Parisien published an article highlighting the “Zidane method” to win the Champions League. This medium highlights that Zizou is recognized for having the “Diplomacy necessary in the management of egos” So what “His vision of the profession could well adapt to the stars of PSG”.

Zidane, who has won a great 11 titles in its two stages in the Real Madrid, including three trophies from the Champions League consecutively, he already knows several of the members of the French cast’s wardrobe. On Madrid coincided with Sergio Ramos, Keylor Navas, Achraf Hakimi and Angel Di María, who are important pieces within the current staff of the PSG.

Zinedine Zidane has won the Champions League three times with Real Madrid (Photo: REUTERS)
Zinedine Zidane has won the Champions League three times with Real Madrid (Photo: REUTERS) (Andrew Boyers /)

But what mainly stands out Le Parisien is that the French coach has been able to take advantage of a luxury trident like the one they made up Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo, known as the “BBC”, which is an auspicious precedent because now I would have to deal with Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappé and Neymar.

Everyone respects or admires him, starting with Cristiano Ronaldo, whom “ZZ” places in the best conditions. A point that helps to return to the great way of the BBC, the attack Benzema-Bale-Cristiano. In the first three home games of the Zidane era, the trio scored a whopping 14 goals, ”says the Parisian newspaper.

Last may 27th, Zidane left the Real Madrid despite having one more year on his contract and since then he has been waiting for an attractive project to make his return to football. In France he is not without praise, not only for his management skills in the dressing room but also for his tactical wisdom. “An aspect that has sometimes failed, as happened with James Rodríguez, the Colombian star. But that allowed Gareth Bale to understand certain tactical choices, as in 2018 in the Parc des Princes when Zidane gave up his 4-3-3 one night for a flat 4-4-2. As we have said: the leader of the men can also surprise tactically. PSG paid the price. Now you want to return it in your favor”, He points out Le Parisien.


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