Putin’s crimes that China doesn’t care about

Russian head of state Vladimir Putin, Ukrainian soldier Timofiy Shadura executed by invading troops, and Chinese regime head Xi Jinping. The leaders today ratified their global alliance (Infobae)

In his first press conference as the brand new foreign minister of the Chinese regime, qin gang said what was anticipated in an article by infobae last November: the foreign policy known as “Wolf Warrior” to be continue. And it will even increase.

Who was until a few weeks ago ambassador in Washington defended that diplomatic strategy in a long press conference offered this Tuesday in Beijing. “When jackals and wolves block the way, and hungry wolves attack us, Chinese diplomats must dance with wolves and protect and defend our home and country.”, he warned qin. He was referring in this way to the West, more precisely to the United States, whom he attacked throughout the meeting with journalists.

In the same exchange with the press, he also warned that the alliance between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping remains very solid and apparently transcends the invasion of Ukrainea massacre that turned one year old just weeks ago and that the kremlin not yet sentenced. “With China and Russia working together, the world will have a driving force”, he insisted qin.

as they repeat in kyivwhen one tries to show oneself to the rest of the world as neutral in such an asymmetrical and bloody conflict, it clearly represents a position in favor of the aggressor.

That aggressor reflected, in the last hours, a clear sign of the barbarism and dehumanization that exported to the neighboring country. Tymofiy Mykolayovych Shaduraa Ukrainian soldier of the 30 Mechanized Brigade who had been missing since February 3 in the area of Bakhmutbecame a symbol of that barbarity.

In the pictures, to Shadura he is seen calm, smoking, in a state of absolute defenselessness and surrounded by Russian invaders. In the most desperate epilogue of his existence, he does not insult, does not cry, does not implore mercy. pronounce Slava Ukraine (Glory to Ukraine), a trademark of this war. She does it without screaming, calm, while he holds the last of his cigarettes. Less than a second later, bursts of gunfire take his life. His body -already lying on the ground, inert- continues to receive projectiles from his executioners.

The video was recorded by the Russians themselves and went viral in recent hours on accounts of Telegram. He Ministry of Defense of Ukraine indicated that according to preliminary information it is about Shaduraalthough for his definitive identification he will have to recover the body, something complicated in a land still occupied by the troops of putin. The soldier’s corpse is proof that burns.

This summary and gloomy execution constitutes a clear war crime. One more that adds the kremlin and for which he should be held accountable in court. kyiv already requested that the corresponding process be opened before the International Criminal Court in Hague. At least 30 countries support the initiative to create a court to judge these aberrations committed by Russia.

The attorney general of Ukraine, andriy kostinsaid that it will investigate what happened in Bakhmut as a clear case of violation of human rights. “Even war has its own rules. There are norms of international law that are systematically ignored by the criminal regime in Russia. But sooner or later, there will be punishment, ”she promised.

when this tuesday qin praised Russia and reaffirmed their strategic alliance, the video of Shadura He had already been around the world. There was no way she didn’t know him. Even the Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelensky had spoken about it: “I want all of us united to respond to his words: ‘Glory to the hero. Glory to the heroes. Glory to Ukraine’. And we will find the murderers. Ukraine will never forget the feat of each and every one whose lives brought freedom to Ukraine.” But despite these inhuman samples, qin He insisted on the strategic alliance.

Perhaps the new world order that they promote and propose putin and Xi have more to do with these scenes than with a civilized world governed by the most elementary laws.

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