Qatar 2022: Mexican influencers collect their trash… and record themselves to go viral

“The game ends and Mexicans agree to pick up the trash,” is heard and read in a video shared by the influencer Juan Bertheau on his Tik Tok account.

Indeed, in the images you can see a dozen Mexicans collecting garbage but they are not spontaneous but rather influencers who decided to record themselves and then upload it to social networks.

Among those who appear are Juan Bertheau himself, Alex Montiel (the interpreter of the character in The Golden Scorpion) and Juanpa Zurita. The video lasts just a few seconds, so it is not known how long they were collecting the garbage or if they only did it for the recording of Tik Tok.

On Wednesday, after Japan‘s match against Germany, several videos went viral in which Japanese fans, as usual in every World Cup, collect garbage from the entire stadium, regardless of whether it belongs to their own or to opposing fans. Moved by the Japanese by a high level of empathy and social sense, none of them record themselves to go viral and, on the contrary, they tend to ignore whoever records them.

Instead, Bertheau and company decided to record themselves picking up trash (the short video shows them picking up a couple of bottles and some wrappers) and post it with the message “Great Mexicans!”, as well as adding the phrase: “Definitely a example for other countries.

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