Quarterfinals of Liga MX live: this is how the semifinal matches would look at the moment

Tigres and Santos hope to access the next round of the tournament (Photo: Andrés Herrera / EFE) (Andrés Herrera /)

The football semifinals Mexicans begin to settle down. In yesterday’s actions, the Cougars They gave the bell of the tournament by beating America, the overall leader of the competition. Atlas He also imposed his conditions as a local and beat the Striped from Monterrey. Therefore, that series does not move and university students and Guadalajara will try to reach the final of the Opening 2021.

However, there are still two tickets to be disputed between Tigres, Santos, León and Puebla. The winners of both games will also have to measure themselves in strength for the prelude to the final.

Tigres 0-0 Santos LIVE (Second half)

The whole of the Tigers are rowing against the current. They remain below the global scoreboard that remains 2-1, in favor of the Torreón team. During the first leg, Santos imposed his conditions on his house and with his people. Now they are in search of a goal, which would give them the pass to the next phase.

In the event that the match ends in a tie, Santos would have the pass for the global; however, Tigres could reach the semifinals with the slightest difference.

The feline team was superior during the first half with the permanence of the ball; However, they did not have high-risk arrivals compared to the framework protected by Carlos Acevedo.

Santos seeks his pass to the semifinals (Photo: Andrés Herrera / EFE)
Santos seeks his pass to the semifinals (Photo: Andrés Herrera / EFE) (Andrés Herrera /)

León vs Puebla (Start 20:05)

The emeralds will seek to overcome the global marker that so far has kept them out of the contention for the title. Puebla won the first leg with a score of 2-1.

For León to reach the semifinals, you must win by the smallest difference. In case of receiving a goal against, he would have to equal the global score.

On the other hand, the team from the Strip arrives with less pressure, because, at the moment, they are sure their pass to the next round.

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