Rafa Polinesio puts an end to the rumors and introduces his partner

After months of mystery since he made public that he had an affair, Rafa Polinesio kept the identity of his partner secret, but finally he decided to show his face.

‘A’ was the code name to refer to his sweetheart for some time, but through a YouTube video he finally revealed the identity of his girlfriend to his millions of followers and left them speechless.

“I present to you my girlfriend ‘A'” is the title of the video posted on the Los Polinesios channel, where it finally caused four million views to show the face of the lucky girlfriend, whose name is Ana Karen.

“It’s about time! We have read your comments and seen your posts, we feel a lot of love and support from everyone. Thank you,” he wrote on his social networks. She recounted that they met in Canada, where she lives, and have spent a lot of time together.

About marriage, for the moment it was ruled out, but they already have the name of their first child, which they could name ‘Max’. However, there are still doubts about whether they will soon confirm a pregnancy.

And although many comment that they always believed that Rafa Polinesio was gay, he even published a video about how he conquered his girlfriend:

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