“Rain of worms” in China, the shocking images went viral on social networks

The phenomenon of Full Worm Moon It occurs in the month of March prior to the arrival of spring and the Easter holidays, the first supermoon of the year, and has been the inspiration for several writers and poets, considered the greatest of all nights.

This Moon has the characteristic that, being closer to our planet, it reflects more sunlight, therefore, it is splendid and is known as Worm Moon because it coincided with the beginning of the harvest season, where the land becomes more fertile.

They were the first native tribes of the United States and Canada as the Ojibwe (or Anishinaabe) who began to call her that, according to Ontario Native Literacy Project.


“As the temperature begins to warm up and the ground begins to thaw, worms appear announcing the return of the robins, hence the origin of the full moon in March, called the Full Worm Moon,” reads the Farmer’s Almanac.

Why is the “Rain of Worms” in China attributed to the Worm Moon?

In several videos on social networks you can see how these insects appeared covering the streets, vehicles and houses in Chinasome people even recommended the use of umbrellas to take care of the worms that fell from the sky.

Various theories about this fact began to circulate on the internet and many people began to associate it with al Full Worm Moonthis astronomical phenomenon can be fully observed on Tuesday, March 7, coinciding with the last Full Moon of winter in this Asian country.

This March moon and the rain of worms also gave rise to the theory of the beginning of the apocalypse, they even say that the original video where this strange phenomenon is shown is not current, but belongs to a video from last February 28.

supermoon - Worm Moon

Why did it rain worms in China?

Despite the strangeness of the entire world, no authority in China He has even given explanations about the reason for this phenomenon, which gave rise to various theories, a little more accurate and not conspiracy.

One of the hypotheses points out that these “worms” are actually poplar flowers, which are full of seeds and when they fall they look like caterpillars. Other people on social networks believe that these animals fell from a building near the place that could be infested with these bugs.

Another theory says that these insects were swept away by a whirlwind, which, when it lost strength, dropped these worms from the sky, giving the appearance of an apocalyptic image.

For its part, the scientific journal Mother Nature Network It also says that this type of incident with animals occurs after a storm or taken; Scientists believe that these bugs are dragged kilometers away from their place of origin, something similar to what some Internet users raise.