Ramsés Alemán and Fernanda Urdapilleta plan to get married, but they live in free union for an incredible reason

Ramsés Alemán and Fernanda Urdapilleta live in love

Jose Luis Ramos

Their love was born in the forum of the telenovela My fortune is to love you, and from there it went to another level.

Fernanda Urdapilleta and Ramsés Alemán fell in love while filming the production of Nicandro Díaz and decided to live together because, according to her, they could no longer be separated. The actress told TVyNovelas: “Little by little things took shape and that’s why we didn’t think much about it . The truth is that our relationship has worked very well from the beginning; I tell him that we were the love of our lives in another life… I know him so well!”

The 25-year-old assures that, between her family and her boyfriend’s, everything is rosy. “The relationship that Ramses has with my mom is too good; She adores him and he loves her very much. And my brothers too. I love her family, that’s why we wanted to take this step ”. On the way in which the crush between the two occurred, she affirms: “We met doing My fortune is to love you; I had already seen him in Te doy la vida, I threw away all that novel and I knew him by his character as Samuel, but we didn’t know each other in person. We started out as friends, so the trust between him and me from the beginning was great. Before we were dating I already liked him (laughs) ”.

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Now that they live in free union, Fernanda has tried to be the best housewife, although something prevents her from doing so: even her water burns! “I love being in my house, fixing it, accommodating it; I love taking care of Ramses because he is also doing it all the time, he pampers me too much and all day he is cooking for me, looking for what to watch on TV. For a while I lived alone in the United States and I got used to doing things by myself; I have had to learn other things, but I have enjoyed it and I like this facet. I don’t go into the kitchen, better not even get in; I know how to prepare cereal with milk, some quesadillas, but that’s it. He is the one who cooks, and even though I see him doing it and he tells me how he does it, I can’t because, furthermore, he cooks deliciously”.

In a short time, the couple sees themselves walking down the aisle and raising their own children.

“With him I see myself forming a family, getting married, growing together in all aspects: as actors, as people… Something I like about him is that he always encourages me to fight for my dreams, he supports me and I also do what same”.

One of the qualities of the artist that captivated the young lady is his sensitivity. “In addition, he knows that I am a person who loves details, no matter how small, and he is an extremely detailed person. The truth is that I have not even had to ask him because he is always one step ahead of me, he is always thinking about how to surprise me and that has also given me the opportunity and freedom to do so, not to be limited in that way. aspect”.

One of the details that Urdapilleta treasures the most is the one that the gallant had when she had a birthday. “That day I was not down, I appreciate that I had a job, but I did want to go have breakfast with my family, with him, but I couldn’t because I was recording and he came by surprise, the world fell apart because he made me feel much more special.”

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A few months ago, she was acting in the soap opera Forgive our sins and he was participating in the final stage of My secret, so they had to juggle to match.

“It was somewhat complicated, but what helped us a lot is that we had already gone to live together, so we would both arrive at the same house, at night, and we would talk about how the day had gone, we would have dinner together, we would see a movie, but it was for a while, an hour or two, and we would fall asleep. It was very tired. The next day, if he left earlier than me or he had to get up early, we didn’t see each other much anymore. But something that has worked a lot for us is maintaining communication all the time, be it through a phone call, through messages; Suddenly we both had to record together on Televisa, so if I had a chance, I would go and visit him on the forum. Then, if he had the opportunity, he would come and visit me, we would find a way to see each other so as not to lose contact and continue sharing together ”.