Rapper Alemán spoke about the accusations of gender violence that Akasha, his ex-partner, made against him: what did he say?

Alemán spoke out on the matter and held a press conference where he spoke about Akasha’s statements.


In the last hours, the mexican rapper known as German became embroiled in controversy. It turns out that your ex-girlfriend, Akashahe pointed out to the singer of course physical aggression.

After the influencer’s statement, Alemán held a press conference with an entire legal team and a psychologist to talk about the facts.

Akasha accuses Alemán of physical violence

On December 8, through her official Instagram account, the influencer, who has more than 500 thousand followers, accused the rapper of raping her. Through a series of photographs, Akasha showed the bumps and bruises in different parts of the body, which, according to his statements, were caused by Alemán. In addition, a video came to light where it is heard that both are fighting in the car.

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However, the Mexican offered a Press conference on January 2 to talk about the material that his ex-partner published.

In this meeting with the media, Alemán’s lawyerChristopher Estupiñán, began by saying that The rapper is already receiving support from a psychologist. He continued to apologize for what was published on networks and asserted that the marks were not from blows.

“It is in our interest to offer an apology, first of all, to the public and also to the German’s ex-partner…as regards the images accompanied by this audio, we only want to clarify that andThese marks were not caused by blows or physical violence.”, mentioned the lawyer.

As for thethe bruises that the influencer showed On their networks, the legal team declared that “derive from a containment “What Alemán was doing in a discussion (with the influencer).”

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Alemán talks about what happened with his ex-girlfriend Akasha

After the statements of the legal team, andThe singer spoke out and asked for an apology to his followers now Akasha for what happened.

“I owe my fans an apology for making them part of a bitter pill, a very dense moment in my life and, I just want to make it clear, that I apologize to the entire public, especially to her… “I’m taking therapy.”

Finally, the rapper said that Their relationship was very toxic. and that’s why he decided to walk away: “More than a toxic relationship… I think it was a codependent relationship… I made the decision to walk away… I recognize my mistakes,” he said.

Akasha attacks Alemán and calls him a liar

During the afternoon of January 3, the influencer, through her instagram storiespublished a text where he questions the statements made by the Alemán’s legal team.

“Keep going with your circus. The truth has already come to light even if you want to block the sun with a finger. Restraint when punching? Do you call that containment? Car, Gucci, Fendi? Not even for Uber.

akasha story.png

Akasha via Instagram stories.


In addition, Akashareposted a story from a friend named Cristina, who stated that the influencer did have bruises: “I saw my friend full of bruiseswe even went to the doctor… it’s outrageous what your ex is doing (German) we,” he wrote.


Akasha reposted some statements from one of her friends.


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