Rapper Tekashi69 causes a riot in the middle of a baseball game

A video of Tekashi69 was broadcast on networks, where he provokes the public that attended the baseball game between Mexico-Puerto Rico

A video went viral on social networks, where you can see how Daniel Hernández, better known as Tekashi69, loses his mind when he is under the influence of alcohol and provokes other fans.

It was in the middle of a baseball game that the rapper was captured, very intoxicated, because he could hardly stand up. Minutes later it is observed that the singer is helped by his companions.

But what really caught his attention was his violent and negative attitude about it, since it is presumed that it was the celebrity who started the riots that made thousands of people uncomfortable in the World Baseball Classic.

In the famous video, you can see how Tekashi waves a Mexican flag, while shouting and insulting in the air, causing the annoyance of some people, who respond by throwing a can of beer at him that almost falls on his head.

As a result of the heated meeting, in networks it is observed that the singer had to be removed from the place, with the help of officials, since he was causing more disturbances in the middle of the grandstand, which is not allowed by the authorities, until now. It is not known, if he faces charges in this regard, the truth is that he has earned a wave of criticism on the network.