Raquel Bigorra puts Bárbara Torres in her place: “We will not be friends”

Raquel Bigorra explodes against Bárbara Torres

Loved and hated within The House of Famous Mexico, Raquel Bigorra throws away the accusations of Bárbara Torres, who assured that the Cuban practices Santeria and that she would be able to “cast” witchcraft after the confrontation they had when they were eliminated the driver.

“I do not do that! What happens is that it makes them angry that I have direct contact (with God), I don’t need those things, but if I really were a witch, I would have done something so that the carousel would take other people and not me. Those comments no longer affect me, now I understand that it is part of the medium, notice that before I did suffer them, I cried with my husband like a little girl, but now I laugh,” the artist told TVyNovelas.

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Regarding the possibility of a friendship with the remembered Excelsa from The P.Luche family, Bigorra states that it is impossible, since they are completely different personalities and would never make a good dumbbell. “No! Not friends, not at all. However, in the program I spoke to her again as if nothing had happened after the lawsuits, but we can’t be friends, ever, because we don’t connect, even though in a forum or where we meet, surely I won’t have any problems. There she is if she has them ”.

The cowardly attitude of Argentina disappointed her, but she assumed that it is her way of handling herself.

“At another point in my life, before the lawsuit with Barbara, I would have left because I don’t have to put up with that. In the end I understood Poncho’s game, I learned from him that in this race in many moments everything is show, that you don’t have to take things so personally”.

Like the public, Raquel thinks that Bárbara avoided problems because she did not have the capacity to resolve them peacefully. “Every time I confronted her to talk to her, she didn’t want to do it, and yet Sergio manages to face her and communicates with her, but with me she refused, she threw the door in my face, she left, we couldn’t clarify anything. She told me that she knew something about me and that out of respect for my daughter she didn’t say it, that upset me, but Sergio opened my eyes when he told me that she was playing several characters and, honestly, what she can slips me. I mean, my self-control made her desperate, she wanted me to yell at her.”

Raquel affirms that when she leaves the reality show, a process takes place until she returns to normality. “I imagined that I was going to see my family in the forum, but the truth is that only my husband was there because he went to defend me on the panel that day. I hugged him and kissed him, but as a little girl they took it from me, they isolated me in a hotel without a cell phone until Monday night when we recorded the gala. What the producers were looking for is that the next day he would arrive at the forum without any kind of information about what was happening in the house”.

According to the TV presenter, the 29 days she was “locked up” made her a different person.

“It is surprising because one comes out differently, in my case I went with the objective of not throwing in the towel because I did have that experience in Big Brother and now I did not want to, no matter what. I had to face regrets, complaints about myself because inside all the fears and frustrations come out.

Many times I wondered what I was doing there instead of being with my husband and daughter at home. It’s just that I wasn’t even amused because everything seemed strange to me, everyone was shouting, the house was very loud and I saw it as very difficult until I managed to adapt and began to play a little with strategy. I even enjoyed the carousel, the games, the challenges”.

For her, the one who is making the best move is Wendy Guevara, the transgender influencer who takes over the trends on social networks every day. “She is the one who is playing the best and without intending to, she is an authentic person who gave us a lot of joy and has connected with the public, she does it on her networks and now she does it in front of 68 cameras, but I can assure you that she has no I have no idea, like my colleagues, of the success of the program, of the phenomenon that it has been, that every night is a trend. By far she is the winner and Nicola is the one who has rallied the most”.