Raúl Di Blasio is hospitalized in an emergency; They report his state of health as delicate

Raul Di Blasio, who has delighted more than one with his way of playing the piano, He was hospitalized in an emergency, as announced by his representative Gabriel Fernández who revealed the details of the pianist’s state of health.

The representative of Raúl Di Blasio gave an interview to a television show where he explained that the musician is hospitalized and that his state of health is stable, but delicate.

“The teacher had heart failure, he is currently hospitalized and his state of health is delicate. I was stable but it’s tricky.”

OK With Gabriel Fernández, Raúl Di Blasio began to feel bad while he was in Mexico and they believed that it was due to the altitude. immediately went to the hospital where some studies were carried out and it was discovered who has heart failure.

“He began to feel a little tired, especially in Mexico, due to the altitude and so on. He underwent some studies and there they saw that the teacher had heart failure.”

The representative de Raúl Di Blasio pointed out that it is not known when the pianist will leave the hospitalbut who is accompanied by his family.

“He will be hospitalized until the doctors determine. He is accompanied at this time by the family ”.

Finally, he shared that he had to postpone some presentations that Raúl Di Blasio had agreed for the next month.

“We had the concert in Egypt, on October 10; we had the Dominican Republic, but they are concerts that have been postponed.”

The heart problems that Raúl Di Blasio has had

It’s not the first time that Raúl Di Blasio has heart problems, since in 2012 the musician had to be hospitalized in Cuernavaca for a heart attack.

One year later, the pianist was taken to intensive care due to complications derived from the heart attack that he had suffered months before.