Rauw Alejandro explodes on Twitter at allegations of infidelity

The singer published a message in which he gave the exact date of his breakup, although he later regretted it and decided to delete it

The breaking off between Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro has taken not only the couple’s fans by surprise, but also the entire world; and it is that the singers had just commit and everything in their relationship seemed to be going smoothly.

At first it was said that the courtship had ended due to a alleged infidelity On behalf of the singer, however, Rauw himself came out to deny the rumors with a statement in which, in addition, he revealed that he had been separated from the Spanish woman for a few months and that the thunder had been by mutual agreement: «A few months ago Rosie and I ended our engagement. There are thousands of reasons that can cause a break, in our case it was not because of third parties or infidelity, “he wrote.

Despite his statements, the accusations against him have not stopped; Several users have even questioned her words, because until June of this year the interpreter of “With height” continued to talk about her wedding. This situation caused the rage of Puerto Rican who once again made use of the networks to put a stop to those who have branded him a liar.

Through his official Twitter account and in the face of doubts from his followers, the reggaeton player revealed the exact date on which he broke his commitment to the so-called “Motomami” and explained that if they did not say it at the time it was because they were assimilating the news: «Wow the most who know. We ended exactly 2 months ago. A break is not announced the next day,” he wrote.

Later, he defended himself once again from those who accused him of being unfaithful and asked to be left alone in this process: “I will be many things, but a liar and unfaithful is not one of those. Already happy? Can you leave us alone? ”, He finished.

However, Rauw seems to have regretted this outburst, as just a few minutes later he decided to delete this post.