RBD and the tragedies that have involved the musical group

RBD tragedies

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The members of RBD have been involved in tragedies after the phenomenon of the musical group

RBD lives one of the best moments after his return to the stage with his Soy Rebelde Tour 2023, which began on Friday, August 25 in El Paso, Texas: However, the musical group has been involved in some tragedies.

Anahí, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Christopher Uckermann and Christian Chávezhave been close to terrible events for the band founded in 2004, in the midst of the success of the soap opera ‘Rebel’produced by Pedro Damián.

The success of the soap opera ‘Rebelde’ made the RBD a phenomenon and together they toured Latin America with an important tour, without imagining that the tragedy would reach them and mark them forever.

The tragedies that have marked RBD

Argentina 2006

In February 2006, the RBDs were hired by a Brazilian company to present a show case and give an autograph signing at the shopping center parking lot. Although the event was only planned for 5,000 people, 15,000 fans of the Mexican youth band ended up entering.

Everything was going very well and the members went on stage to sing two songs; however, the crowd went wild and began to push forward crushing the people at the security fence.

The RBD members they had to be removed from the place, sheltered in a house on the outskirts of Brazil and later, they were informed of the human stampede what left three people dead and dozens injured with serious injuries.

“It was something terrible because you finally know that, even if it’s your fault, if you didn’t exist or you hadn’t gone to sing, those people wouldn’t have died there. So it is something that I was finally carrying and had nightmares”, Dulce María recalled in an interview with Yordi Rosado.foto


The RBD lived a terrifying moment in Brazil

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Mexico City 2023

In July of this year, the tragedy touched the RBD again, when they offered a private show to present their collaboration with a vodka brand. The event was held at the Refinery Museum, located in the Parque Bicentenario in Mexico City.

Through the ‘Ventaneando’ program, the host Daniel Bisogno announced the death of a close friend, the photographer Alberto Clavijo, who died at the RBD event. Bisogno explained that his friend, along with other companions, went to see his favorite group and left their coats on a railing.

At the end of the event, the young man offered to collect everyone’s coats, but as he approached to get them, he stepped on a false ceiling that did not resist the weight and “He fell from four stories and died”said Pati Chapoy with a gesture of indignation.

Three days later, RBD regretted the news in a statement: “All RBD deeply regret what happened this Wednesday at the event for which we were hired by Smirnoff”. Besides, the group disclaimed responsibilities: “We also want to clarify that neither RBD nor his team were at the scene, nor were they part of the organization of the event.”

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