Real Madrid won the derby against Atlético de Simeone and is the undisputed leader in Spain

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This Sunday was a day of celebration in the renovated Santiago Bernabeu for the fans of Real Madrid who enjoyed a fundamental triumph in the derby against the Athletic by 2 to 0. The team of Carlo Ancelotti, leader in solitude, beat the defending champion thanks to goals from Karim Benzema and of Marco Asensio to a mattress team with an irregular presence that ranks fourth in the La Liga table.

Despite not having scored, one of the great figures of the classic was the Brazilian Vinícius Junior, assistant of the night in the two conquests of the local team, that is why Asensio highlighted his performance in the post-match statements: “He is deciding very well, to score goals and give assists, we are happy for his progression and I am happy for him, it is a great guy”.

Real Madrid bet on the duel for a counterattack proposal, something that left Atlético without ideas, used to taking refuge in this type of encounter. It is that with Benzema’s goal at 16 minutes, with a volley in the area, after an overflow of the Vini, the local team gave the ball to their opponent and damaged him in each offensive. Luka’s work was key for that Modric Y Casemiro in the middle, who were in charge of cutting off Atlético’s advances and releasing quickly for the forwards to start the runs.

The 2 to 0 came at the dawn of the complement through a great individual action of Luka jovic, who had entered through Benzema. The striker held a long ball on his back, turned, leaving his mark behind and with the front field opened to Vinicius. The former Flamengo, positioned as the left pointer, outlined to shake from the right, but when the gap was made he released to the other side for the increase in speed of Marco Asensio, who screamed his goal left-handed in the classic.

Simeone could not beat Real Madrid and is fourth in La Liga (Reuters) (SERGIO PEREZ /)

Simeone sent Luis Suárez to the field, to form an attack with Joao Félix, who had entered for Griezmann in the complement. The last 20 minutes were of total dominance of the visiting team that could have been discounted, but he found the goalkeeper Courtois, another of the high points of the team of Carlo Ancelotti.

“It was a very even game, I think nothing has happened, it was my mistake in the ball out and in a counter they made the second. The team has shown its face and there is a lot left, this continues ”, said Koke after the end of the match. “They leave you the ball, they go back and when they recover they do it very quickly, when they have the ball … in two counterattacks they have scored us two goals”, He sentenced.

With this victory the Real Madrid He reached 42 points in 17 games and is 8 ahead of Sevilla, which has a pending duel, but also has 13 against Atlético (4th) and 18 against Barcelona (8th). For the next round of La Liga, the Meringue will host Cádiz on December 19.


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