Reappears!: Valentino Lanús returns as the protagonist to Televisa

Reappears!: Valentino Lanús returns as the protagonist to Televisa

Octavio Lazcano

After 11 years, Valentino Lanús returns to Televisa with a bang, as the actor was chosen by the producer Angelli Nesma to star in his next melodrama, titled Tu vida es mi vida, in which he will be paired with Susana González.

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During the press presentation of the star couple, Valentino said that a few weeks ago he did not imagine this return to television, as he continued focused on his spiritual growth and attending to other projects related to yoga and other ancient practices.

“You won’t believe me, but I had a dream about Susana González and a few days later they called me to make a proposal for the novel,” expressed the 48-year-old artist who will play Pepe, in the drama that will premiere on January 9 on the Las Estrellas channel.

Your life is my life tells the story of Paula, (Susana González) who suffers from a serious illness and her life is in danger. This situation will make Paula rethink her existence and abandon her job as a businesswoman to spend as much time as possible with her three children.

You life is my life It is an original story by Carlos Espinoza, Alexis Mardones and Guillermo García, with a free version and librettos by Juan Carlos Alcalá. The adaptation is by Rosa Salazar and Alejandra Díaz.

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Valentino’s role will give the heroine another chance at love and overcome difficulties. “The story is hopeful, I love it because it will touch many hearts”said the heartthrob of hits like Primera amor…a mile per hour.