Reasons to choose the “shampoo” bar

These are bars similar to soaps, made to clean and condition the hair, providing it with nutrients that it obtains from 100% natural ingredients.

The benefits of solid shampoo have some advantages over traditional ones. Among the main ones, it stands out the ease of transport and the manufacture from herbal ingredients. Let’s see in detail.

Respects natural hair oils. The bars respect the texture of the strands and capillary health.
It is ecological. The use of bar shampoo contributes to the fight against the plastic problem since the need to use bottles is eliminated.

Easy to transport. It is possible to store the bar in a bag or suitcase without the fear of a spill.

It does not contain chemicals. While other shampoos are made with parabens, detergents, sulfates, and silicones, the solid ones concentrate vegetable oils, vitamins, and foaming agents. Green clay, essential oils, cocoa or shea butter, coconut, palm, almond or castor extracts.

They last longer. It is estimated that a shampoo bar weighing 100 grams yields at least 80 washes, the equivalent of 3 bottles of conventional shampoos. It means a long-term investment and savings for your pocket.