Recommendations for not stressing out at these parties

The holidays can be stressful for its organizers (Photo: Pixabay)

The end of year partys they are something that almost everyone enjoys, as organizers may experience stress when planning preparations. Thus, Manzana He shared some tips in order to reduce the anxiety that this could mean.

According to the company, the organization is the key to conquer the holidays, regardless of whether it is a family dinner, work, or a great inn with all the neighbors.

That said, Apple advises using a Notes app for there to store lists in which others can collaborate.

“You can create shared lists for shopping, gifts or dinner guests, which are sure to be very useful for planning parties, trips or just getting things done. All participants in the shared note can contribute to it, edit it or mark the pending items, ”he said.

You can organize the team party in applications (Photo: Pixabay)

It should be noted that the application of Notes is available to Apple users, however, users with Android they can do the same through Docs, which is a document application that can be shared with other people.

In Apple’s case, users can collaborate on a note as follows:

1. Do one of the following:

* In the list of notes, swipe left on the note you want to share, then tap the share icon.

* Open the note you want to share, touch, then touch Share note.

2. Press Share Options and choose Can make changes or Just watch. If you choose You can make changes, You can also allow collaborators to invite other collaborators.

3. Choose how to send your invitation (for example, using Mail or Messages). Please note that everyone you share with must be signed in with their Apple ID to edit or view the note.

Tips for giving gifts at Christmas contributing to the environment.
Tips for Christmas (Photo: Composition)

In the case of Google Docs You can do a similar lake from the App (or desktop) when creating a new document and choosing in the options Share and export; then you must select Manage people and links. There they can be added to all the people by selecting the icon of a person with the + sign.

In both cases, the annotations are recorded in the document so that any of the users can see them or make changes, regardless of the time or place, since they remain in the cloud. In addition, they can be done multitask while the notes are being read.

Apple notes that you can take advantage of reminders to keep track of your to-do list and remember important information. In the event that due to the pandemic not all members can meet, it is possible schedule video calls with the guests, who will receive the respective notification.

The technology company ensures that there are also third-party applications in the App Store that help keep the holidays under control. These are:

Organization is essential in the organization of seasonal festivals (Photo: Monika Skolimowska / dpa)
Organization is essential in the organization of seasonal festivals (Photo: Monika Skolimowska / dpa) (Monika Skolimowska /)

Zinnia Journal: A variety of handy templates provide a colorful structure: habit trackers, to-do lists, weekly logs, and more.

Todoist: It is perfect to stay organized, remember deadlines with reminders, collaborate on projects by assigning tasks to others, and track progress. This application keeps your entire to-do list, tasks, reminders, calendar and agenda always in sync between iPad, iPhone and Mac. share lists between family members, assign tasks to others, chat and much more.

Omnifocus 3: With power and flexibility, Omnifocus makes it easy for you to work in any way. With this application you can create projects and tasks, organize them with labels, focus on what can be done.

The best thing about keeping an organization under control during parties and gatherings this season it will be to have less stress before, as well as to receive the proposals of other participants.


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