Reggaeton seems demeaning and does not empower women, says Natalia Téllez

The host gave her opinion on reggaeton and disapproves of the lyrics that denigrate women

Natalia Téllez is one of the hosts who is not afraid to say what she thinks even if this implies being against many and recently the famous said that she does not agree with most of the reggaeton songs because she believes that they denigrate women .

In the most recent broadcast of Netas Divinas, the famous said that this type of music on certain occasions denigrates women and does not empower them as many think.

“They need a lot of information so that this dance speech empowers me when the lyrics are saying: ‘dance bitch’, it doesn’t seem to me empowering.

The fact that they look in their body, in their rhythm, that’s beautiful, but the industry, they can annihilate me with this, but the urban music industry doesn’t seem empowering to women”.

Finally, Natalia Téllez opined that she would not like her daughter to dance reggaeton songs with lyrics that disrespect women in the future and assured that the urban genre seems demeaning to her.

“I love the girls that are there and they do a great job, more Anittas are needed. I am very ignorant on the subject, but seeing it from the outside, just as someone who consumes it, I have a great conflict with the lyrics.

I would never like Emi to dance lyrics where: ‘dance me bitch’, dance me you cab… and three times. I find it very denigrating like porn.”