Regina Blandón sent a strong message to anti-vaccine people

After suffering a contagion of COVID-19, the actress of “La Familia P. Luche” and “Mirreyes vs. Godínez ”addressed those who oppose receiving the vaccine against the disease

The Mexican actress, Regina Blandón, used her social networks to send a strong message to the anti-vaccine population, whom she invited to inoculate with the COVID-19 vaccine in order to combat the health emergency that is being experienced in the country.

From her Instagram account, the protagonist of La Familia P. Luche appeared with an application filter and said that one of her friends received the booster dose and, during her stay at the center where she was vaccinated, she witnessed the dances that were started in some city halls to keep the population entertained.

It was then that he made the comment: “And now, the people who are anti-vaxer (anti-vaccines) and who do not want to be vaccinated, now, already chole, right? In other words, the Covid hits them harder and everyone is getting it right now, they cannot cross borders, they cannot enter places, it is a bit selfish, really, because it is the only way we are going to get out of this. So, please, don’t be like that, ”he said on Saturday night.

Also, in a somewhat humorous tone, the actress who recently recovered from a contagion of the same disease commented that if the vaccine has something that causes damage to the population, soon it will be the “funny” people who die and not those who do not they wanted to get vaccinated.

“Also, you say there is something wrong with the vaccine, and we all die. Well, we all die, you get vaccinated and you are going to be left alone and with very boring people, antivaxer, really. Then dead we will be much better off than you who are going to be left alone with (those) people. Don’t be like that! ”, He concluded.