Regina Tiscareño makes her voice immortal with dubbing

Regina enjoys being able to live from what she loves to do, devoting a lot of work to it

The 19-year-old actress, model, singer and dancer Regina Tiscareño who first ventured into modeling working in commercials and for catalogues, always wanted to take ballet classes, but her family couldn’t afford them at the time, so she entered the CEA from Televisa to dance classes at the age of 5 and from that moment he knew that it was what he loved most in the world.

“I started making novels, and I did my first leading role when I was 7 years old.” “I was in musical groups and I always loved to sing, but when I entered “La Voz Kids 2017” I knew that the stages were my happy place and a way of liberation for me”.

“I was a dancer for Juan Gabriel on one of his tours, I have done musical and classical theater, more series, novels, and I even had my own radio program.”

“The last thing I have done is dubbing, and I love it too much, since I have been able to unite the things that I am passionate about, such as acting and singing at the same time, in addition to making my voice immortal with the characters I dub, he said in an interview.”

“I have had to adapt and learn many disciplines to compete with myself and grow personally and professionally in the process.” “People are becoming more and more talented and you have to continually prepare yourself to be up to the task.”

Regina Tiscareño stated that she loves all disciplines and appreciates everything they have given me throughout her career, but acting and music are the things that she is most passionate about because they allow her to experiment beyond the rule.

She clarified that with her social networks she wants people to see that she is real, with her defects and virtues, but mainly to address those who want to do what she does, who see that dreams do come true with dedication and hard work.

And with his music project freedom to sing, dance and live life.

On which stage it would be a dream to step on, he said: “for me it was a dream to step on the National Auditorium, and now it seems like a dream that has already happened and with sold out, I suppose that now I would like to have just one, or fill a huge stadium anyway ”.

He talked about the artists with whom he would love to collaborate, whom he also greatly admires for their music and what they project as artists, they would be: Morat, Camilo, Danny Ocean, Lasso, Danna Paola, Aitana.

With his experience in the art world, he advised young people who are starting to prepare as much as they can, analyze, study and learn from everyone who inspires them.

“It takes time to achieve something, but not taking your finger off the line is going to help you make your goals a reality.”

Regina Tiscareño declared that at this moment what she enjoys the most about her career is being able to reach so many people, “that they write to me from so many places and meet such beautiful people along the way.”

“I enjoy being able to make a living doing what I love to do.”

Of his short and long-term projects, @reginatiscareno said “I would love to make music again, I left it for a while due to the pandemic, but I really miss giving concerts and singing in front of an audience.”

“I am creating a lot of content on TikTok, YouTube and I hope that in 2023 I can focus on creating with better quality and in more quantity for all my followers.”

To conclude, Regina Tiscareño determined that among her goals, she would love to make movies in the future, “of the branches of acting, it is the only one that I lack and I would love to experience it.”

“I would still love to star in a Netflix or Disney series, do many concerts and have many people know me for my art.”