Renowned influencer Kevin Kaletry is murdered during a conference in Mexico City

The actor and influencers kevin bryan florespopularly known as “Kevin Kaletry”, 26, was murdered this Thursday by a subject who entered a hotel, located in the Condesa neighborhood (neighborhood), downtown Mexicowhere it was held a press conference.

The victim participated in the presentation of the play “The Lost”.

According to witnesses, the subject entered the area of ​​the hotel where the press conference was taking place and directly shot several times against the actor and influencer.

The shotswitnesses said, they were in the head so that Kevin fell and his body was lying on the floor.
After the facts, agents of the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City (SSCCDMX) They arrived at the scene and called the emergency teams. but only to confirm death.

It’s a statement, the SSCCDMX reported that according to the first reports “The man was filming when a person entered and, directly, made the detonation that left him injuredtherefore a deployment was implemented search and location of the probable aggressor”.

Meanwhile, through of the video surveillance cameras Command and Control Center (C2) Center, the operators followed up on two subjects who boarded a green motorcycle, which was seen when he withdrew at high speed from the place.

At a point, the agents caught up with the motorcycle and at that moment two crew members got out and they began to run in different directions, so after a brief chase one of them was arrested.