Reporter Evan Gershkovich appeared in Russian court to appeal his arrest

Evan Gershkovich at Tuesday’s hearing in Moscow (Reuters) (EVGENIA NOVOZHENINA/)

Evan Gershkovichreporter of Wall Street Journal detained in Russia for alleged espionage, appeared before a Moscow court on Tuesday to appeal your arrest.

The 31-year-old American citizen was arrested in the city of Yekaterinburg while on an informational trip to Russia at the end of March. Both he and his employer deny the allegations, and the US government stated that he had been unjustly detained. Russian authorities have not provided evidence to support the espionage accusations.

Photographers photograph Gershkovich at the hearing (Reuters)
Photographers photograph Gershkovich in the audience (Reuters) (EVGENIA NOVOZHENINA/)

Gershkovich smiled from behind the defendant’s glass cage while keeping his hands in his jeans pockets, a reporter from AFP at the Lefortovo court in Moscow. US Ambassador Lynne Tracy was present at the hearing.

He is the first American reporter charged with espionage in Russia since September 1986, when Nicholas Daniloff, Moscow correspondent for US News and World Report, was detained by the KGB.

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