Repression grows in Iran: the regime whipped a woman with 74 lashes for not wearing the Islamic veil in the street

Roya Heshmati, the woman flogged by the Persian regime

The authorities of the Iranian regime They whipped a woman 74 times by “violate public morals” and they have fined her for not covering your headas reported by the judiciary.

“The condemned, Roya Heshmati, encouraged permissiveness (by appearing) shamefully in public places “Busy Tehran,” the website said late Saturday. Mizan Online of the judicial power.

“His sorrow of 74 lashes was applied in accordance with law and sharia,” and “for violating public morals”Mizan said.

Since shortly after the Islamic Revolution of 1979, all women in Iran have been required by law to cover their necks and heads.

Roya heshmati iran
The image of Roya Heshmati that angered the regime

Lashings for violating the dress code are rare in Iran, although authorities have increasingly cracked down on those who defy the rules after the practice increased during anti-government protests that began in late 2022.

These protests were triggered by the death in September 2022 of Mahsa Aminia 22-year-old Iranian Kurdish woman detained for an alleged violation of the Islamic republic’s strict female dress code.

During the protests, demonstrators took off their scarves or even burned them. Other women also began to increase their numbers to circumvent the dress code, leading to a crackdown.

The Kurdish rights group Hengaw identified Heshmati as a 33-year-old woman of Kurdish origin.

She was arrested in April “for posting a photo on social media without wearing a scarf,” her lawyer Maziar Tatai told the reformist newspaper. Shargh.

Heshmati was also sentenced to pay a fine of 12 million rials (about $25) for “not wearing the Muslim veil in public,” Tatai explained.

Faced with acts of disobedience by women regarding the use of the veil, the authorities announced the implementation of more controls, especially with surveillance cameras. They also arrested actresses who posed without hijab on social networks.

In July, state media announced that surveillance patrols had increased and in September, Parliament voted in favor of a bill to toughen penalties of those who fail to comply with said regulation.

(With information from AFP)