Resident causes controversy with video where Ricky Martin appears

  • Resident, he launched a new music video with Ricky Martin, in which he parodies the balladeers

After the recent tiraera that Residente launched a few weeks ago, the rapper returned to release a song and music video with none other than his Puerto Rican compatriot, Ricky Martin. However, the material sparked controversy among fans.

Last night, the rapper René Pérez Joglar, better known as Residente, released a new music video called ‘I want to be a balladeer’, whose lyrics reveal that he no longer wants to write tiraeras to other musicians. He even made a parody, referring to Ricky Martin’s love songs.

The amazing thing about the video was the performance of the ballad singer Ricky Martin, who ‘killed’ and imitated Residente fantastically, since he made the same gestures with his face and hands that the rapper does, showing that he not only has musical talent, but also he is a great observer.

Before the Residente video with Ricky Martin, the fans of both artists had no doubt that the collaboration was a bit strange and out of the ordinary; so they reacted with memes to the new material.

On the other hand, fans of Ricky Martin made memes about the ballad singer before the aggressive performance he adopted in the new Resident video; in fact, they compared him to the main character of the video game Grand Thef Auto.