Ricardo Arjona retires from the stage due to health problems; “I say goodbye and thank you”

  • The singer-songwriter issued a message to announce that he is retiring from the stage after some problems that have affected his health.

Ricardo Arjona gave sad news for all his fans, since the singer-songwriter announced his retirement from the stage due to health problems that have led him to make the decision to stop giving concerts and take some time to recover.

In a message he published on Instagram, Ricardo Arjona first He thanked the people who have worked with him for several yearsin addition to pointing out that in his last concert, which took place in Chile, he thought he would not be able to give it.

“Thank you for making the impossible so easy. I thought I wasn’t ready to take a step yesterday afternoon and I ended up doing a marathon on the longest improvised catwalk of my life (…), to my team, to everyone, those who are here and those who are no longer there. Those who stood by me and those who stayed along the way, my eternal gratitude.”

In the message, the singer-songwriter of Guatemalan origin explained that the reason why he took The decision to retire from the stage was due to a spinal problem, since it has six infiltrations in it.

The singer thanked the doctors who managed that he recovered and that they made it possible for him to finish his tour.

The famous man thanked his fans for the support they have given him and also all those who ever went to one of his concerts.