Ricardo O’Farrill does not remember his Instagram lives

After his confinement in rehabilitation clinics due to a mental health crisis, renowned comedian Ricardo O’Farrill has opened his heart about a controversial period of his life. In a sincere conversation with hosts and friends José Luis Slobotzky and Ricardo Pérez on the La Cotorrisa channel, O’Farrill confessed that he has no memories of the controversial live broadcasts he made on Instagram.

Let us remember that this episode of lives occurred after an altercation with the standup artist Mau Nieto, right after his wedding. During these broadcasts, Ricardo mentioned several colleagues in the stand-up field, including Sofía Niño de Rivera, Daniel Sosa and Mauricio Nieto himself.

The comedian, who twice entered rehabilitation, on his first attempt alleged that he had suffered abuse, which led to his premature release.

However, after a second attempt he completed, O’Farrill reappeared in public claiming to be in better condition.

Reflecting on those complicated moments in the talk, O’Farrill commented that as part of his recovery process, he currently sees two therapists and a psychiatrist. With a touch of humor, characteristic of him, he mentioned: “I’m seeing two therapists and a psychiatrist… And I just say ‘Doc. Send me the one that doesn’t make me do lives, with the one that doesn’t do lives with this one I have.”

Given this revelation, Slobotzky questioned whether part of his therapy includes facing those past videos to help with his current stability.

To which Ricardo, visibly uncomfortable, responded: “They put your videos on you as part of ‘see how you disconnect’ or what is the intention?” he asks.

“Oh no, not the video, for me it is something horrible to see, I have seen it out of curiosity and to apologize to people,” O’Farril confessed.

Even more surprising was that O’Farrill, remembering that period, compared it to feeling “possessed.” He expressed that he had to apologize to many people, because he does not remember anything of what he said in those lives.

“It’s like you’re possessed, wow, I have to apologize for things I don’t even remember and it’s very stupid,” he shared. And he added: “It feels really bad because he was the crazy one in the room, I shaved my head, I was doing stupid lives, it wasn’t me.”