Ricardo Sales and Christian Elguea, narrators of the Premier League in Mexico: “The fans are the most demanding”

Christian Elguea and Ricardo Sales narrators of the Premier League by Paramount+ spoke with Infobae Mexico (Photo: Instagram/@paramountplusla)

For more than a decade the premier league became one of the sporting events on television that captured the eyes of millions every weekend, its first home in Mexico was ESPN where Mariano Closs positioned himself as one of the favorite narrators of Latin American audiences.

After finishing the contract with the world sports leaderEnglish football moved for more than five years to Sky Sports where it was continuously for more than 5 years exclusively, now after so much, the EPL moved to the world of streaming joining the Champions League in search of a new world of unique users.

Since the start of the 2022-23 season, English football can be seen in Paramount+ from the hand of two of the most promising young storytellers in Mexico, Ricardo Sales and Christian Elguea. This duo seeks to imbue itself with the taste of the audience, despite the fact that both already have extensive experience in the media, from World Cups, Euro Cups, Liga MX and, more recently, in the Premier League.

Under this tenor, Ricardo Sales and Christian “Shark” Elguea, had the opportunity to speak with Infobae Mexico about his recent arrival to storytelling in the world of streaming with Paramount+.

Within the talk with both protagonists who act as the guiding voices of the viewer towards the match, they consider that the most significant change within the immersion to the streaming it is the closeness with new audiences in real time.

“Yes there are some changes with respect to that, it is quite a challenge now to be able to transmit in the streamingunlike television some things change since the commercial breaks, we talked about that in Paramount+ we stayed throughout the game with a good preview, with the match post to analyze the summary and we stayed with the peopleI think that from there it is the first significant change”, he indicated. Ricardo Salts.

The new one
The new “home” of the Premier League is Paramount + Reuters / Carl Recine (CARL RECINE /)

On the differences that exist between the European competitions that are seen in Latin America, the “Tibu” Elguea recognized that the avid Premier League fans are the most demanding fans because of the level and category of footballers that exist in the league, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Erling Haaland, Kevin De Bruyne, Mohamed Salah, Raul Jimenez And several more.

They are very demanding and that’s the good thing, the truth is that we have a very good audience, but that is very different from an audience that sees something from the national team, which has another level of reachwho sees the premiere is someone who is very interested in the game, what happens on the field, that it’s not necessarily that it keeps us from having a slightly informal speechbecause we usually do it, but give him that part serious analysis, game, information, because it is the basics. Whether or not you covered that part of what people need, well, you can cover other kinds of things, like giving an informal speech”

“Really, the way in which we transmit these events varies in terms of styles, it is like a complement because we are far from being those types of comments that are similar, that is, I am one of those who focus on the game and the analysis, my narration is in an English style unlike Shark which is much more emotional or passionate, but I try to generate that opposite part. That is the complement that in paramount we are looking to cover a greater number of tastes, because obviously whoever might love my work will also be able to differ a little from it or vice versa”

The Premier League is considered one of the most popular competitions worldwide EFE/EPA/Michael Regan/NMC/Pool
The Premier League is considered one of the most popular competitions worldwide EFE/EPA/Michael Regan/NMC/Pool (Michael Regan/NMC/Pool Michael Regan/)

The new home of the Premier League has opted for the use of new narrative styles that they fit with the type of target audience they already have, but at the same time that this difference is an attraction for new generations -or even the old ones- to be interested in the use of technological tools to consume sporting events of this size. One of the most recent examples of television will never diebut yes it has changed platformleaving the television behind and saying ‘Hello’ to smartphones and other miniature gadgets.


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