‘Rick and Morty’ comes to HBO Max with new voices for the protagonists of season 7

“Rick and Morty” is one of HBO Max’s strong cards in terms of animated series.


“Rick and Morty” became a topic of conversation this Sunday after the premiere of its long-awaited seventh season through HBO Maxwhich came with important changes that were not to everyone’s liking.

The animated series, which takes us through the adventures of an inventor and his grandson who travel through time, arrived on HBO Max with a novelty: the absence of Justin Roiland, who, in addition to being the co-creator of “Rick and Morty” It was also the voice of the two protagonists, who now reach the public with a new personality.

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A legal accusation for alleged domestic abuse finally caused the Adult Swim studio and HBO Max decided to separate Justin Roiland from “Rick and Morty”; and even though the voice actor ended up with the charges against him dismissed, new accusations ended up sinking him.

Who are the new actors in charge of giving the original voices to “Rick Sánchez” and “Morty Smith”? Meet the interpreters that were integrated into this project.

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Justin Roiland had been the voice of both “Rick” and “Morty” for just over 60 episodes.: from the pilot to the end of the sixth season, so his absence is felt at the start of the seventh season.

Already in the official trailer for the seventh season of “Rick and Morty” we could hear the new English voices of the protagonists: it is about Ian Cardoni, who is in charge of being the voice of “Rick”, and Harry Belden, who plays the new “Morty”.

Ian Cardoni He is an actor who has worked in films such as “Clear History” or “They Are Like Children”; in terms of voice-over and dubbing, the performer has been characterized by narrating events such as the 36th and 37th editions of “WrestleMania.”

Harry Belden, Meanwhile, he has worked on productions such as “Christmas…Again?”; as for series, you can see his work on “Proven Innocent”, “Chicago Med” and “Joe Pera Talks with You”, among other projects.