Ricky Martin and Christian Nodal will release a new version of ‘Fire by night, snow by day’; this day opens

  • The singers joined their talent to release a new version of one of Ricky Martin’s most successful songs

Some days ago Ricky Martin and Christian Nodal shared a photo together which raised the suspicion that both would launch a collaboration, which has already been confirmed. The Puerto Rican was in charge of revealing that In a few hours he will release a song with the Mexican.

On Instagram Ricky Martin shared that it will be this September 19 when it is published the collaboration he did with Christian Nodal, which is a new version of one of his greatest hits: Fire at night, Snow at day.

In the publication, the singer shared a video where you can see some scenes in which The two singers can be seen in a recording forum.

Other images show us Christian Nodal, who recently became a father with Cazzu, and Ricky Martin in what looks like a construction.

In another video that Ricky Martin uploaded to his social networks, he shared the time in which he will release the new version of his song, in Mexico it will be at 6:00 PM.

Fire at night, Snow at day is a song written by Royce Porter, Luis Gómez-Escolar and Blind Blake. The song was released in 1995 and It was included on Ricky Martin’s album titled “A medio vivir.”

The song became a success and is currently one of the most requested and sung songs at the singer’s concerts.