Ricky Martin could spend up to 50 years in prison for incest

Ricky Martin He is, perhaps, in the most complicated moment of his career, as he faces two legal proceedings, one in the United States; and another, in Puerto Rico. Both are unthinkable in the clean walk of the musical star. The first case that came to light was that of domestic violence filed by his nephew, Dennis Yadiel Sánchez Martin, son of Vanessa, the singer’s half-sister.

And to top it all off, her ex-manager went to her head hard, after she claimed Ricky didn’t pay her 5 percent commission on his winnings, as they had agreed, sparking her fury and leading her to come forward. before the courts without mercy, asking to be paid, and not only for what she stipulated with the Puerto Rican, but for all the things that happened with him, including mistreatment and lies. We present both cases in detail.

According to documents accessed TV and novels, the most serious legal process is found in Puerto Rico; There, Dennis Yadiel Sánchez Martin, nephew of the interpreter of Livin’ la vida loca, stated before the municipal chamber of the General Court of Justice of Puerto Rico in its First Instance that Enrique José Martin Morales, real name of Ricky Martin, had violated him, therefore, it establishes an open complaint of domestic violence under Article 54 of the laws of that country. Dennis Yadiel, in addition to requesting a protection order, established that she had a relationship with Ricky for seven months, but that two years ago, they separated; and that the singer has not accepted said separation, for which he has been intense and has insistently sought it.

In the same document, Dennis Yadiel also said that Ricky sometimes hangs around his house, and that he has seen him, at least three times, in a black Land Rover, for which he fears for his safety, because “it has been shown that there is a substantial possibility of immediate risk of abuse.

Ricky’s nephew has just turned 21 years old, so said relationship, if true, would occur when Dennis Yadiel was a minor, since the Puerto Rico Civil Code establishes that the age of majority is 21 years. Meanwhile, Ricky Martin’s legal team assures that these accusations of domestic violence against the singer are “completely false”, and in the statement released by Perfect Partners, the Puerto Rican star’s public relations firm, it reads: “We are sure that when the true facts come to light in this matter, our client will be fully vindicated.” The matter becomes very serious for Ricky Martin, because if it is proven to the authorities of San Juan, Puerto Rico, that he had a love relationship with his nephew, he could spend up to 50 years in prison for incest and violence.

Ricky Martin’s awkward half brother

Eric, Ricky’s half brother, commented through a live broadcast on his social networks: “As all this spreads virally, if anyone has seen my beloved nephew, who has been missing from the family for a long time… this is a message for me dear nephew, that I love him dearly and his family loves him dearly, that he has mental problems is another 20 pesos, that we have been fighting all our lives for that, you don’t know that because he keeps quiet, but I’m already Tired of being quiet.”

It was he who somehow confirmed the news that Ricky Martin was trying to keep anonymous and stated: “Instead of looking for who did the wrong to punish him, they should be looking for who did the wrong to rehabilitate him.” In addition, in the video that lasts more than 40 minutes, he commented: “Why did that happen to you (referring to Dennis), if you’re saying that, why didn’t you come to the family first! If it’s happening something bad we are going to investigate, you don’t have to go make an order of I don’t know what the hell, when you didn’t come to the family first”.