Ricky Martin is again accused of sexual assault in Puerto Rico

They reveal that Ricky Martín has just received a new sexual complaint and apparently it would be made by the same nephew

After the lawsuit for physical aggression and threats that the Puerto Rican singer has just faced from his nephew, it seemed that everything had calmed down.

His nephew withdrew said lawsuit and now the singer was the one who sued him for false accusations. However, they have just revealed that the whole scandal is not over yet. They have just revealed that he has again received a complaint for a sexual assault.

This complaint was filed on September 10, at the San Juan police station and an anonymous source revealed a fact that should remain hidden since he mentioned who is the person who denounced the singer again.

The source confided that, supposedly, the complainant would again be Ricky Martin’s nephew, Dennis Yadiel Sánchez Martin. Although on this occasion the Latin singer will not have to be prosecuted immediately since the alleged attack is not recent.

However, the identity of the complainant has not yet been verified, since the officers handling the case have not revealed the name of said person because they must give him protection because it is a case that includes “sensitive data.”