Ricky Martin show canceled in Querétaro

For not complying with the security requirements duethe municipal direction of Civil Protection canceled the presentation that Ricky Martin would have at the Club Hípico Juriquilla in Querétaro last night, as part of his tour movement.

Before the event, everything went normally and the stage on which the interpreter would perform was even set up. Security fences were placed outside to control the access of attendees to the venue.

Around 7:00 p.m., the arrival of attendees to the event began, who, surprised to see that the doors were closed, began to line up with the expectation of entering the event.

It was around 8:00 p.m. that through social networks of Civil Protection of the Municipality of Querétaro, the first alert was given to the attendees, who trusted that it would only be a delay in providing access.

At the moment, the concert called Ricky Martin does not meet the necessary conditions in terms of Civil Protection for the opening and start of the show. For this reason, citizens are urged to take due precautions,” it was reported.

As the minutes passed, the arrival of the fans to the venue continued without any authority or the organizers of the event provide some explanation as to why the doors did not open.

After 9:00 p.m., the same Civil Protection address notified the cancellation of the event on social networks.

Since the show called Ricky Martin does not meet the requirements established in terms of Civil Protection, it is reported that the event is canceled.

With resignation, little by little the thousands of attendees who remained outside the venue began to withdraw after the notice, fearing that the suspension of the event could cause disturbances like the ones that occurred on March 5 at the Corregidora stadium, which ultimately did not happen.

The annoyance among the attendees was general due to the lack of information on the part of the organizers and the haste with which the cancellation was announced, because it is a show “that was planned since 2020,” some people said.

I do not understand why Civil Protection does not make the corresponding checks before the event to prevent all this. They keep us waiting for two hours without saying anything to us; It is unfair and disrespectful!” said Clara Mosqueda.

No one came out to give us any information about the event that had been cancelled, the policemen who were in charge of assisting this event told us, but we had no information. Then, there is no signal due to the number of people, so they did not charge us the messages and we still have to wait here for them to come for us. Here they did want to implement the law, but in the Corregidora (stadium) no,” stressed Andrea Ortiz, another young attendee, annoyed.



Ricky’s Facebook page reported that the March 20 show at the Zacatecas Multiforo was canceled “due to circumstances completely unrelated to the artist and his work team. We appreciate his understanding and regret any inconvenience.”