Ripley’s museum looking to buy real-life ‘Cocaine Bear’

Soon we will be able to see the ‘Cocaine Bear’ of real life in the Ripley’s museum

‘Cocaine Bear’ is already that movie that will give people something to talk about during the remainder of 2023 beyond its plot, because now everything about the cocaine-addicted bear is a topic of conversation. That is well known to Ripley’s museum, who is looking to buy the real-life ‘Cocaine Bear’.

Ripley’s museum, a place that shows the most incredible objects that people can imagine, announced that it seeks to buy the ‘Cocaine Bear’ of real life to exhibit it to its visitors.

It was through a statement where Ripley announced that it was all thanks to a video where someone asks Kentucky Kentucky, a souvenir shop in the United States, to say the price of the real ‘Cocaine Bear’.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! it is now in negotiations to purchase Cocaine Bear, the stuffed bear that inspired Elizabeth Banks’ latest film based on a 175-pound black bear that consumed 75 pounds of the drug,” the museum said in that letter.

Although Ripley is already in negotiations, the museum has some competition to buy the real-life ‘Cocaine Bear’, because thanks to the movie, Kentucky for Kentucky has received multiple offers for the bear ranging from 10,000 to 300 One thousand dollars.

Ripley’s museum explained that it was encouraged to buy the real-life ‘Cocaine Bear’ thanks to thousands of followers on Instagram who responded to a survey asking if they should have the bear; 77.5% of the participants said yes.

Ripley also mentioned that she already made an offer to the Kentucky Kentucky store, who, as we told you in the story behind ‘Cocaine Bear’, has had the stuffed bear for years. Something that would change if they accept the money (it is not known how much) from Ripley.

Should that happen, the museum will put the real-life ‘Cocaine Bear’ in the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! from Gatlinburg in Tennessee, along with other bears there who have equally incredible stories (not including drugs).