Rishi Sunak said sending long-range weapons to Ukraine can give it a decisive advantage against Russia

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. REUTERS/Hannah McKay (HANNAH MCKAY/)

British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunakhas defended this Wednesday the proposal to provide more long-range weapons to Ukraine so that their Armed forces count on “a decisive advantage” on the battlefield against Russia.

“We are always looking for ways to do more because the conditions on the battlefield are constantly changing (…) One of the things that can change the situation on the ground is the supply of more long-range weapons,” Sunak said in Statements to the Ukrainian media collected by ‘Yevropeiska Pravda’.

The ‘premier’ of United Kingdom He has been confident that, with the necessary assistance from London and its allies, Russia’s war against Ukraine can be ended.”quickly”.

In this regard, he stressed the need to provide the necessary support to Ukraine to kyiv the means to obtain “a decisive decision”, stressing the importance of providing support “now” so that Ukrainian troops can fight against Russia in the face of its predicted new offensive.

The UK has previously announced that it would supply Ukraine with more long-range weapons, which would be accompanied by missiles. Harpoonwhich have a maximum range of 240 kilometers, and missiles Storm Shadow, that can hit targets at a distance of up to 560 kilometers, according to the newspaper ‘The Times’.

Also, the President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenskydefended last week the need for long-range missiles to strengthen the capacity of the Ukrainian Army against Russia.

“There are important statements by world leaders supporting our state and there are indications that they will strengthen our defense with weapons (…) That applies in particular to missiles with a longer range,” Zelensky said in his daily video message.

Volodimir Zelensky - European Parliament
Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky. (Photo by Kenzo TRIBOUILLARD / AFP) (KENZO TRIBOUILLARD /)

For his part, he President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, arrived this Thursday at kyiv to meet with his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodimir Zelenskyand convey his country’s support to Ukraine, one day before the one year anniversary of the start of the illegal Russian military invasion.

I return to kyiv a year after the start of the war”, Sánchez wrote on his Twitter account. “We will stand by Ukraine and its people until peace returns to Europe”, added the ruler, who published a video getting off a train and walking along the platform of the station in the Ukrainian capital.

This is Sánchez’s second visit to Ukraine since the start of the invasion.

The first of these visits was on April 21, when, as now, Sánchez traveled in a Spanish Air Force plane to Poland, and then went to the station from which the night train departed that took him to the Ukrainian capital.

On that occasion, he traveled with the Danish Prime Minister, mette frederiksenand both met with Zelensky and held a joint press conference.

The head of the Spanish Government is the third foreign leader to visit kyiv this weekafter the president of the United States, Joe Bidenand the head of the Italian Government, Giorgia Meloniwill visit Ukraine on Monday and Tuesday.

Sánchez was received at the kyiv train station by the Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairshe Ukrainian ambassador in Madrid and the ambassador of Spain in Ukraine.

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