Robert De Niro says yes to two Argentines and makes his series debut

Throughout Robert De Niro’s 58-year career had refused to perform some tv series until he met the Argentines Gaston Duprat and Mariano Cohn, who have been behind acclaimed proposals worldwide as the illustrious citizen, official competition —who brought together Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Oscar Martinez— or the series The one in charge, starring Guillermo Francella and who will compete today for three Platinum Awards.

De Niro, winner of two Oscars, he said yes to this creative duohe took his bags and traveled to Buenos Aires to shoot Nothing, series of five chapters in which De Niro shares credits with the renowned Argentine actor Louis Brandoni.

“We got Robert De Niro to read the scripts, then he saw official competition and our other movies and he liked them so he broke that ‘no’ to television series with ours. He came to Argentina, We had a great time, he had many acting scenes hand in hand with this great Argentine actor (Luis
Brandoni) whom Robert admired also because he is a monster
and then we had the joy that recently that premiered Amsterdamthe movie, someone asked De Niro who he would work with again, since he has worked with the great directors and he named us, so all of that ended very well”, commented Gastón Duprat excitedly with a triumphant smile.

In this series that has five chapters of 30 minutes each, De Niro, next to meet 80 years old, plays Vincenta famous, multi-award-winning, academic and first-rate writer who moves to Argentina to present the new book by his friend Manuel (Brandoni), a food critic of great career.

“He is a very sophisticated, ironic character, the series has a lot of humor, it has a certain sweetness, it is warm, without losing the sarcasm that characterizes our films and series and that is something that Robert De Niro liked on time, narrating a long friendship between two great men”, deepened Gastón Duprat, who has worked with Mariano Cohn for 25 years. both in production as in screenwriting and directing.

For his part, Mariano Cohn said that De Niro I speak with them in English, Spanish and Italian and remembered what it meant for them to have two actors like De Niro and Brandoni on the set.

The two have totally different acting styles and methods. and it was a pleasure to see them on the set, it was like a master class of performance of these two guys so powerful, so powerful and with so many flight hours”, Cohn deepened.