Roberto Palazuelos condemns the looting in Acapulco with a harsh message: ‘Speak badly of us’

Roberto Palazuelos spoke about the situation Acapulco is going through, where he has several businesses.

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Roberto Palazuelos He raised his voice about the difficult situation that Acapulco is experiencing after the passage of Hurricane “Otis”, and in addition to expressing his support for those affected, he also issued a strong condemnation of the looting that has occurred in the area.

Few days ago, The powerful hurricane “Otis” made landfall on the coasts of Guerrero as a category 5, leaving a devastating scenario in Acapulco and other surrounding areas; Since then, several celebrities have spoken out about it and even They have organized dynamics to collect supplies and distribute them.

Among the opinions of celebrities, could not miss that of Roberto Palazuelos, the “Black Diamond”, who took advantage of an interview with the program “Sale el sol” to give a message to those people who, taking advantage of the situation, have looted appliances and other items from department stores, as has been reported on social networks in recent days.


Although aid is already beginning to reach the victims, there are still many people left to support. In this situation, Roberto Palazuelos expressed in the talk with “Sale el sol” his indignation towards those people who take objects that are not essential: from appliances to televisions and even cell phones:

“I justify the groceries, but already stealing televisions and that stuff already speaks very badly of us and the authority”

“I understand that people don’t have anything to eat or drink and I justify (taking) groceries, but already stealing televisions and that stuff already speaks very badly of us and of authority,” said the actor and businessman.

However, Roberto Palazuelos did not let these actions cloud what was truly important, and urged the population to continue donating basic necessities and food, and even recommended places and institutions to go to reliably:

“Many diapers are missing, the best way to take things to Acapulco It is through the Red Cross. Those from Mexico City can take it to Polanco, the Red Cross is entering neighborhoods,” explained Palazuelos.