Roberto Palazuelos denies that he is dating Mercedes Villador: “I never spoke to her about Luis Miguel”

Roberto Palazuelos buried the rumors that romantically involved him with Mercedes Villador.


Roberto Palazuelos and Mercedes Villador went viral a little over a week ago, when images of both in an affectionate attitude circulated in a hangar, about to board a private plane.

Immediately, netizens began to speculate about heri Palazuelos and Villador did indeed have a sentimental relationship or was it a gesture of friendship. On the other hand, details of the friendship that “El Diamante Negro” and Luis Miguel once hadgiven that Mercedes Villador is known for having been the girlfriend of “El Sol” before he started dating Paloma Cuevas.

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Through an official statement, Roberto Palazuelos buried the rumors that involved him sentimentally with mercedes villar by assuring that “the images correspond to the filming of the new Playdoit campaign (…) These images were taken on August 15 at the Toluca Airport”. Similarly, exclusively for this week’s edition of TVyNovelas, Palazuelos spoke to us more about his relationship with Villador and the issue of Luis Miguel.


As part of the exclusive interview that Roberto Palazuelos offered for TVyNovelas, he assured that Mercedes Villador “andShe is a friend of the production people, she visited the set and we met therethere we ate with the producers and with everyone in an area outside where the celebrities who participated in the program were, ”said the host of the reality show “Hotel VIP”.

“The truth is that I didn’t even talk about this topic with her, it doesn’t interest me, I, by itself, don’t like to talk about Luis Miguel”

Regarding the relationship between the model and Luis Miguel, Palazuelos accepted that he already knew who she was, but he never wanted to bring it up out of respect: “Of course I knew that she was Luis Miguel’s girlfriend, but they had already finished at that moment. The truth is that I didn’t even talk about this topic with her, I’m not interested. I, by itself, do not like to talk about Luis Miguel, nor about those things, ”she recounted.

So Roberto Palazuelos was closed to love? In exclusive, The actor and businessman confirmed that this is not the case, as he is dating “a very pretty girl”; although that yes, he wanted reserve the name of your sentimental partner so as not to expose it to the reflectors.

What’s up “VIP Hotel”? Roberto Palazuelos did not hesitate to declare that heHe is satisfied with the good results that the reality show has had so far on Mexican television, and even gave us more exclusive details about the making of the show. You can read the complete interview that Roberto Palazuelos gave to TVyNovelas in this week’s edition, don’t miss it!