Rod Stewart unleashes solidarity rock in CDMX at the Palacio de los Deportes

Nothing like being 78 years old and being a rocker. And Rod Stewart, the man who sold near of 300 million copies of his records, He showed it yesterday at the Sport’s palace.

If he took off his golden coat, people would shout; if I ran lightly on the stage, the public applauded; And if there she said “Mexico, thanks (Mexico, thank you) the cry broke the decibel needle.

His raspy voice remains intact and shows it off in “Addictect to love”; semiflexes his body to dance “Some guys have all the luck” and goes from one place to another with the cheerful “Forever young”, that sounds like its own anthem.

Among the audience in the front rows the shirts stand out green and white striped Celtic Glasgowthe soccer team of his loves and some Mexican flag that welcomes you.

Few wear the 100-peso shirts that are sold around of the so-called Copper Dome, where the “come, come” they come to ask for up to 200 pesos to those who dare leave your car on the spot.

For the Mexican nocturnal adventure, Rod is accompanied of six showgirls and the same number of musicians, among which stands out the saxophone player that in various songs has important participation.

The center stage screen is a spectacle by itself: can take the singer in single image, but also divides for show what the other actors of the night are doing.

For “Have you ever seen the rain?”, popularized by the group Credence, a rain is projected overlaps the image of Rod, bathed in blue lightto give the sensation of storm.

Towards the second half of the recital, the singer sympathized with Ukraine, nation invaded by Russiaby dedicating “Rhythm of my heart”, carrying a yellow shirt and blue jacket, colors of that country’s flag.

No war”, said the artist supporting a child’s photo black and white with those words.

“Young Turks”, “Maggie May” and “Have I Told You Lately” were part of the selection of songs chosen by Rod for the night in which he demonstrated that age does not prevent anything.